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STEP 1: Look for the products that you want to buy and select the quantity needed: You do it opening the window located down every product picture. You can check quantities and price offer. You will have different price offers depending of the quantity selected.




STEP 2: After that you have selected your product offer, then you can also select the quantities of this offer that you want to buy. If you want just only the quantity previous selected on the Step 1 then let "1" and follow with the purchasing clicking to the button "COMPRAR" that means "Buy the product".




STEP 3: Now you are ready for payment. We work with Paypal that is the best way to sell and buy products in internet. Paypal is 100% Safe for purchasing products and it protects you 100% if you don´t receive product or you receive a different product. Paypal is the best way for you to buy products in internet. Paypal also is the best way for us to know that you buy products using your money and not the money of other people. Paypal is the best option for Buyers and Sellers.

Now you have 3 options to pay your order:

1st option: You pay using your debit card or credit card without opening an account with paypal. Just you introduce your payment card details, your full address for shipment and if it is needed also a message for us where you write us some extra instructions for shipment.

2nd option: Pay with your existing Paypal account. So you just introduce your email and password and you pay products.

3rd option: You open in less than 1 minute your new paypal account. When you open your account you introduce your personal details then you have option to introduce different way for payment: Debit Card, Credit Card, or your bank account number. Once you have finished the registration, paypal will pay your order immediatly. For future purchising you will need only to introduce your email address and password and you will pay them in every shop that works with paypal.



STEP 4: We receive your payment and we prepare the order in 24 - 48 hours. Before shipment we control your delivery address and in case we see something wrong or not clear then we contact you by email to confirm your final delivery address.


STEP 5: We ship your products using AIR MAIL CERTIFIED POST, it is the most safe and fast way to delivery products due the reason that you need to sign the pack to receive it. All our packs are sent in a confidential envelope and nobody knows what is inside the pack.

Same day that we ship the pack we will send to you, across paypal, the Tracking number of your shipment. You have to use the tracking number to follow your shipment. Please, to follow correctly the shipment do what is explained in STEP 6 and STEP 7.


STEP 6: For international shipments, because we ship from Spain, the first 3 - 4 days you have to check your tracking number into the web: (introduce the number like we show in the picture). Then, when you read that the pack left Spain ( normally it takes only 2 days to leave Spain), you have to follow to STEP 7: where you have to use the same tracking number, but this time into your national post office web site.


STEP 7: This is the last step. The pack left Spain (see STEP 6) and it finally arrived to your country.

Now, The only thing that you have to make with internet is: visiting your national post office website and introduce the tracking number. You will see every day where is your pack and if your pack is finally arrived to your city area post office or if they try to bring it at your home and if they need that you contact them or not.

We suggest you to check your tracking number into your national post office web site every 2 days. this is enought. Normally, the postman will come to your house and will ask you to sign a post document to certify and give you the pack. If you are not at home they normally let you an advise where you have a period of time to go to your nearest post office and pick up the pack.

For the last: if you don´t know which is your national post office website, then, you can discover it just visiting the website: where there are listed all post office website of all countries in the world.

For any other questions about purchasing and shipment you can email to our Customers Service Team to:



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